The following guide will help you trough the choice of eCommerce platforms on the market that are suitable for small businesses.

Guide - How to Choose Alternative eCommerce Platforms for small businesses

We did a small research and find out some alternative e-commerce platforms for small businesses.

Are you starting an online store? Looking for a solution that will get your store started without learning to code and rank products on Google and Bing?

What you are looking for is a clean and mobile ready store, that will provide you with detailed reports and analysis, automation tools and other cool option. We got it. Here are few solutions that you might consider for your next eCommerce platform.

To be honest, there so many e-commerce platforms that can assist you in building your online store and you must do some research before committing to one e-commerce platform provider. There are so many factors that vary for every niche of retail, that is barely possible to cover each solution for your needs. One known platform for ease of use is Shopify, where you can create an ecommerce website and be sure to simply follow their instructions. Did you use some of the ecommerce platforms mentioned below? If you have a solution that you’d like to suggest, please send us a link in the comments bellow.

E-Commerce Platforms for Small Businesses


These guys make incredible layouts and designs that will serve desktop and mobile users with a great user-experience. They offer a great dashboard where you can get first-hand information on your inventory status, sales flow and updates on the system.

The platform has it’s own help desk and a tutorial base where you can learn each and every detail on how to operate with the tool they provide you in order to scale and optimize your online store for the market.




Blue Park

This is a UK based e-commerce platform with a complex front-end, that may need some edits from a professional developer to make it nice and neat. However, the dashboard is nicely put and you can have full visibility and control over the process.

The platform has an official blog where you can track new releases and updates and a board where you can coordinate with other users. However, you can setup a multi-channel and use the platform as main holder while integrating it with other websites and sell trough them.




This e-commerce platform is really affordable and fully equipped with a ton of features than can help your small business rock. You can choose any theme they offer and you won’t make a mistake – they are all cool!

They offer full control over the inventory management, to offer different options for a specific item, unlimited number of products and much more!

The automation level is so good that you can run the business from your personal apartment. The search engine optimization (SEO) is really on a high level that you don’t even need a professional to provide you the setup for it, and another great feature they are offering is the CRM system that will provide you with coupon management and loyalty program – great tools for your online promotion.



This is a content management system (CMS-based) solution that can skyrocket your online store growth. They operate as an add-on for the Drupal CMS. Businesses that use DrupalCommerce can make their workflow custom and smooth when it comes to building layouts and integrating with other services.


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